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IRIS! Scout robot won the GreenTech Concept Award 2018!

We are proud to announce that the IRIS! Scout Robot won the 2018 GreenTech Innovation Concept Award. The award ceremony took place during the Green Tech Expo at the RAI in Amsterdam. The expo is open from June 11-14. IRIS! Scout robot is the result of an international partnership that was formed in 2017 between two Dutch companies, Metazet FormFlex and Micothon and a Canadian Company, Ecoation. The three companies combined their special expertise in greenhouse horticulture logostics, robotics and artificial intelligence to create the novel technology.

IRIS! Scoutrobot

The mission of the partnership that formed between the three companies back in 2017 is to change the way we produce and protect our plants in greenhouses. IRIS! Scout robot AI brain is capable of learning and recognizing crop diseases, pests and nutritional deficiencies at early stages. The IRIS! Scout robot can also count fruits, assess their color and measure their size and provide accurate yield forecast. Furthermore, the robot provide information about microclimate in different parts of plant canopy per each square meter of the greenhouse. IRIS! Scout robot AI platform can help growers increase efficiency of their crop protection efforts while offering substantial cost saving in labour and crop production material and reduce crop loss.

A true Collaboration

The IRIS! The scout robot development was a true interdisciplinary collaboration that combines the various expertiese of the three companies in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Metazet FormFlex has been the market leader for over 40 years in the Greenhouse logistic technology, cultivation gutter systems, harvest systems, AGV and other mobility solutions for the horticulture sector. Micothon was founded in 2002. The founders of the company have more than 30 years of experience in the greenhouse sector. Micothon produce various advanced equipment for crop protection. The cooperation between Metazet FormFlex and Micothon started in 2010, with both companies combining their expertiese to produce different solutions for crop protection.

Ecoation is a relatively new party in the market. From 2010, the company was active in development of advanced detection technologies that can recognize stress in crops at an early stage. The CEO of the company, Dr. Saber Miresmailli, is a well-known plant scientist and entrepreneur in Canada. He won several international awards for academic excellence and innovation in the horticultural sector.