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Metazet has over 35 years of experience in the horticulture industry. Over this period, Metazet has grown to be a global market leader in a range of cultivation and support materials for modern glasshouse horticulture according to Western standards. Metazet is able to put its extensive experience to good use in other industries.

FormFlex is the absolute global specialist in the development and manufacture of growing gutter systems and was one of the forerunners in on-site profiled growing racks, growing systems and growing gutters. For over 20 years, FormFlex has been providing a comprehensive range of gutters for various types of crops. In close consultation with growers and suppliers, we are continuously developing new solutions.


Metazet / FormFlex strives to leave little or nothing to chance. With our own tool workshop, our own technical department for production equipment maintenance, our transport vehicles and our own drawing and designing department, Metazet / FormFlex can be as flexible as our customer wants us to be. In addition to that, we keep thousands of items in stock in our modern warehouse. The outcomes are quick responses to market demands and delivering on our promises.


With our own drawing and design department, modern design software and our own R&D department, Metazet / FormFlex has all it takes to be a quality partner in product design and development projects. Precisely because Metazet / FormFlex controls and implements nearly all the sub-processes of a given project, the subsequent steps within the overall process can be accounted for from an early stage.

Design department

The Metazet / FormFlex design department works with contemporary design software. The SolidEdge 3-D drawing software enables Metazet / FormFlex to accurately implement complex designs. Because this software suite spans the entire design process, several steps can be implemented digitally. This saves not only on creating physical prototypes but also on time and money.

Using the Femap software suite, products and materials can be stressed virtually. This allows calculating from an early stage how certain materials and structures will behave under specified conditions.


Metazet / FormFlex possesses extensive, modern machinery, such as:

  • Automatic cutting lines
  • Single-head wire bending machines (Robomacs)
  • Dual-head wire bending machine
  • Semi-automatic tube-rail supports
  • Cutting line up to 250 x 8
  • Laser plate cutter with plate storage
  • Laser cylinder cutter
  • Permanent roller installation for long layerprofiles
  • Many hydraulic presses
  • Many excentric presses
  • Etc.

Metazet Logistics

Metazet Logistics is the Metazet department that works on internal transport systems. Originally focused on glasshouse horticulture, the systems and products are highly suitable for applications in other industries. Among the Metazet Logistics products are a ground-based chain track system, a suspended chain track system, various types of electrical tractors, induction tractors, hydraulic scissor lifts, and automatic push trolleys.