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Advantages of the crop gutter system

Because of the advance of closed growing, cultivation in gutters has been revolutionised. In many cases, 100 % closed growing is even a fundamental environmental requirement. FormFlex crop gutters enable you to meet all those requirements, while simultaneously saving on production and labour costs.


  • Reuse of drainage water and fertilisers
  • The water cycle is the same for all plants
  • Optimum air circulation through the crop
  • Better control of plant growth
  • Less opportunities for diseases and pests to develop
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Improved working conditions by working at the correct height

These advantages result in higher production and better quality.

Your crop gutter system made to measure

Metazet/FormFlex supplies a complete range of gutters for different crops. In close cooperation with you, we can supply the perfect gutter for your crop. Each gutter is available in different sizes, which means that we can fully adapt them to your requirements.

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AG crop gutter

The AG crop gutter has set the international standard for vegetable cultivation under glass for years. Its special relief structure prevents the substrate mats from sliding off, which makes it very suitable for this cultivation medium. The gutter is also very suitable for the use of Libra trays. It can be either suspended or supported. Because of its optimum drainage capacity in combination with the possibility to span a large cover across its surface, it can be used for a broad range of applications. The AG crop gutter can be supplied in any required width.

LG crop gutter

The LG gutter in combination with the bay wide supports provides a very stable system. This means that hardly any loss in height occurs, while the straight paths and fixed distance between gutters ensure that your crop is less likely to get damaged. However, the LG gutter can also be suspended. The substrate medium is perfectly held in place by the upright sides, and the closed drainage channel prevents any dirt coming in, the growth of algae and penetration by roots. It also has a very high drainage capacity. We can supply this gutter to you in any width size you might require.