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Advantages of the crop gutter system

Because of the advance of closed growing, cultivation in gutters has been revolutionised. In many cases, 100 % closed growing is even a fundamental environmental requirement. FormFlex crop gutters enable you to meet all those requirements, while simultaneously saving on production and labour costs.


  • Reuse of drainage water and fertilisers
  • The water cycle is the same for all plants
  • Optimum air circulation through the crop
  • Better control of plant growth
  • Less opportunities for diseases and pests to develop
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Improved working conditions by working at the correct height

These advantages result in higher production and better quality.

Your crop gutter system made to measure

Metazet/FormFlex supplies a complete range of gutters for different crops. In close cooperation with you, we can supply the perfect gutter for your crop. Each gutter is available in different sizes, which means that we can fully adapt them to your requirements.

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KG crop gutter

The KG gutter has proved for many years that it is the ideal gutter for strawberry cultivation. Partly because of its flexibility in height and width, the gutter can be used in combination with any growing medium. Its high drainage capacity contributes to the trouble free use of the system, allowing you to fully concentrate on your crop.

SKG crop gutter

Even though it was introduced less than a year ago, the SKG gutter has already fully earned its credentials. It was developed to give optimum support to the latest generation of cultivation trays. These trays and pots are getting narrower and higher, which requires an adapted gutter. The SKG gutter provides a solid, stable surface on which the tray can be placed. Its straight walls contribute to the excellent lateral support the system offers. The gutter can cope with spans of up to 5 metres, without requiring thicker steel or additional suspension points. It has a variable width, and is available in two different heights.

MK and MKH crop gutters

The MK and MKH gutter provide the perfect solution for outdoor cultivation on racks. The optimum basis for different growing media, a water channel with a very high drainage capacity and their versatile applicability contribute to this. The MK gutter is suitable for a wide variety of cultivation methods, such as containers, trays and bags. The same applies to the MKH gutter, which can also be used in combination with loose substrate.