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The Chain Track system

The considerable internal distances within present-day horticultural businesses have made internal transport systems an indispensable asset. With its low maintenance requirements and high reliability, the Metazet Chain Track system produces immediate labour cost savings. Full trolleys will be automatically sent to the processing area, and empty trolleys will be returned right where you need them.

Benefits and possibilities

  • Possible in both new and existing facilities
  • Low-maintenance and user-friendly
  • Routing can be fully customised and tailored
  • Preceded by a simulation of your company's conditions to determine the ideal configuration
  • Harvesting trolleys can be fully customised and tailored
  • Possibility of including a rail switch in the design
  • Versions with unloading unit are possible
  • Connection to existing unloading unit is possible
  • Integration with hours registration, itinerary registration etc. is possible
  • Trolley recognition is possible


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