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Double Turntable trailer

For every crop we deliver harvest carts that are safe, ergonomic and fully designed to your design and use. The harvest carts can be equipped with various tow hooks. Many harvesting carts can be adapted for use in combination with our Chain Track System or our M-Track System. Our harvest carts are also available with top racks, under racks or tilting containers. We design and produce various kinds of trailers for all sorts of applications, such as the Double Turntable Trailer.

Advantages and possibilities

  • Provided with removable and interchangeable triangle which can be placed on both sides of the cart so that the cart needs not to be turned in narrow paths
  • Equipped with 4 tires
  • Equipped with 4 removable posts
  • Equipped with 3 adjustable layers
  • Length x width 2440 mm x 1220 mm
  • Available in kit, partially or fully assembled
  • Use in combination with our tow tractors possible