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M-Trike XL800/XL1500

The M-Trike XL is an electrically operated trike, capable of pulling several CC- trolleys or auction trolleys. It is also very suitable as a maintenance trolley. Because of its heavier batteries and wider rear axle, this model is extremely strong and stable, while it is still easy to maneuver. The M-Trike XL is available in two versions: with an 800W or with an 1500 W motor.

Benefits and possibilities

  • Suitable for pulling several Danish trolleys or auction trolleys
  • Also suitable for personal transportation and / or maintenance trolley
  • Capable to drive at soft surfaces
  • Compact and easily maneuverable
  • 2 max. speeds: 6 km/h and 10 km/h
  • Provided with adjustable backrest, seat also available
  • Standard with batteries, a battery charger , battery indicator and adjustable guide shaft
  • Optional components available