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Advantages of the crop gutter system

Because of the advance of closed growing, cultivation in gutters has been revolutionised. In many cases, 100 % closed growing is even a fundamental environmental requirement. FormFlex crop gutters enable you to meet all those requirements, while simultaneously saving on production and labour costs.


  • Reuse of drainage water and fertilisers
  • The water cycle is the same for all plants
  • Optimum air circulation through the crop
  • Better control of plant growth
  • Less opportunities for diseases and pests to develop
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Improved working conditions by working at the correct height

These advantages result in higher production and better quality.

Your crop gutter system made to measure

Metazet/FormFlex supplies a complete range of gutters for different crops. In close cooperation with you, we can supply the perfect gutter for your crop. Each gutter is available in different sizes, which means that we can fully adapt them to your requirements.

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PG crop gutter

For the cultivation of pot plants, and gerberas in particular, Metazet/FormFlex has developed the PG Gutter. This pot gutter tightly clamps the pots, but they can nevertheless be removed easily. The perfect integration of the drip hose and the various options for the connectors offer you many advantages. As the plant roots are separated from the drainage water, no root growth will take place there, and the plants are far less likely to be affected by diseases. Moreover, the inward bent gutter edges prevent cuts. In consultation with you, and depending on the type of pot you use, Metazet/FormFlex can supply any required pot distance.

VG crop gutter

The VG Gutter is used as a drainage water catch basin for the PG Gutter. The wing gutter has a high drainage capacity, which prevents wet patches in the greenhouse. Both the distance between gutter and roots and the gradient of the VG Gutter are adjustable, so that the perfect flow velocity of the drainage water can be set for the cultivation of each plant variety. The round, beaded edges prevent cuts and contribute to a high level of dimensional stability.